Backtesting is one of the most important factors in the success of professional Traders. but most people ignore the importance of it.

On the other hand there is a lot of traders who know how important is to practice but they don’t know how to do it Effectively.

in this course, we will backtest the history of the market base on different topics based on Golden Eyes and DMA HACK course.

but since in backtest you don’t necessarily need to explain everything and it is a matter of actually doing the work, we edit all the episodes in Fast forward with music that you can enjoy while watching this course.


Hi, I’m Hooman, also known as Golden Pips Generator.

I am a specialist in identifying financial market traps where big institutional organizations, such as banks and hedge funds are experts in taking money from independent retail traders like you and I.

Elvin says:

The first time I saw backtest and music was on YouTube and it was mind-blowing to the extent I replayed the video more than 5 times and I was so excited to keep watching the video, the music in the background and the content being shown in the video you can't get enough of it. The most interesting part with the video, You literary show everything you see in your backtest and express it in a way the viewer gets to see what you want him to see without speaking and I did like it. The video title was #the Art of backtesting# and sincerely speaking that was an Art.

Adi Says:

A really good way to quickly recap the stuff we ve been learning so far! Concise and to the point, Backtest&Music showed me what to pay attention to when backtesting, and looking for setups. I especially like the quicker pace of new seasons, it requires you to pay more attention.