This Course is Dedicated to those who are starting their journey in the forex market.

if you are starting your journey from this course, you are so blessed cause I personally spent hundreds of dollars to learn useless information that I could find on the Internet and did not help me but I have this Course for a reasonable price and, to be honest with you, this is not all you need and after you finished this course you are not going to make millions of dollar from trading. Forex is simple but understanding How smart money use their advantage to mess around with dumb money takes time and practice.

through this course, you are going to understand some basic knowledge that each trader needs to know. this will give you an edge to understand and participate in trading conversations and not look at those who talk as some smart people.

also you will learn art of technical analyses and the right way of using them.

Hi, I’m Hooman, also known as Golden Pips Generator.

I am a specialist in identifying financial market traps where big institutional organizations, such as banks and hedge funds are experts in taking money from independent retail traders like you and I.

If you are serious about levelling up your trading, taking control of your future and gain your financial freedom, I am here to help you.

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