My mission is to help individuals become financially stable and able, by helping you strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, psychologically and to equip you with all the tools you need to become a successful trader.

I started trading forex in 2017. Very quickly, I become aware of heavy market manipulation that was going on in every single currency pair, every single trading session, every single day. Big money was intent on taking my hard earned money away from me using every dirty trick up their sleeve. I decided then and there to identify these patterns of manipulation so that I would no longer be on the losing side of the trade.

I spent many sleepless nights brainstorming, backtesting, refining and developing my methodology for almost a year, before I was sure I had found the winning formula. 

I'm Elvin, Member of GPG VIP

I would say joining the team was the best investment I ever made and I haven't had any other forex mentor in the past but I see the different best trader you have shaped in me and I will always be thankful for all the tireless work you keep putting on every single student for us to be profitable and successful in our forex journey.

Hi, I’m Shane Tollberg

top of the line education to learn how to trade the forex market. Golden Pips Generator and Elwin are not only masters of the market but of the mind. While knowledge is powerful it is only truly powerful with a strong mind and the ability to apply that knowledge. That is what GPG does, it teaches your knowledge, the winners mindset, and also how to apply them. The program is designed for anyone who is passionate and will do the work to create success for themself. The mentors will provide you the resources but you must apply them, as in trading and in life that is the only way to success. You can start at a very basic level of understanding and in order to join and see great progress within just weeks if you apply yourself. I highly recommend the GPGVIP program to anyone desiring to understanding the hidden knowledge of the forex market and to develop the mind of a champion. You will come out a successful trader, have the mind of a champion, and develop a family along the way.

Nomsey says:

Prior to joining GPG, I was an S/R fanatic and loss fortunes trying to act upon those concepts. Hooman took me from scratch to where I'm today. He was so patience and calm. Responding to request with all sense of passion, ease and empathy. I had never seen Hooman before but his actions have earned him my trust. God bless you sir and your team.


First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU to my mentors for teaching me everything.

I was an ordinary wannabe retail trader. And I learned more than I ever thought I would. I learned, and still learning, all sorts of traps, and how the market is manipulated. Things I wasn’t even aware of. Truly very rare knowledge here. The same applies to the mindset I adopted, turning my thoughts and wishes to reality thru action! Discipline, as in forex, so in aspects of life, putting time to good use, and then having more free time to enjoy. I would dare say I am more grateful for the mindset side, than the technical one. From baby pips, to mastering traps, and on the way to becoming a multimillionaire, soon!