Forexia is a professional learning portal, operated by professional traders who impart their wisdom and knowledge to their students via daily live and back catalogue of trading webinars and their own YouTube channels; one to one teaching sessions; private trading chatrooms; customised tutorials and PDFs of their trading strategies.

I personally started off as a student of Forexia around 2 years ago. My mentors were Dylan, Brandon and Mark. I learned so much from them and owe them a great deal of gratitude for that. 

Soon after learning the basics from them, I was able to recognise a market hack that no one had mentioned anywhere. Believe me, I looked everywhere! This market hack eventually came to be know as The DMA Hack and springboarded my trading into another league.

After proving myself and my trading methods, I am now a Forexia Mentor and I have thousands of students I teach every week.

Forex Investors Alliance has developed the most advanced Forex Academy to exist! All the services offered have been combined into an extremely affordable monthly package.

- Trade Projections / Analysis 

- Forexia LIVE Webinars 

- Live market sessions 

- Access to all Forexia mentors 

- Forex A-Z Tutorials pdfs 

- Inc Forexia Playboook / Strats

- Library of Web Recordings

- Private Traders Chatroom

- Scholarship Program

get in touch with thousands of traders around the world and share your ideas with them!

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